Managed accounts allow you to provide your customers with access to messaging channels from within your own software. Through the managed accounts API, you can create Smooch apps on behalf of your customers and configure messaging channels on these apps. The API provides everything you need to manage apps, their integrated messaging channels, and more.

What can you build with managed accounts?

With the managed accounts API, you can provide messaging as a core feature of your software product - without necessarily revealing to your customers that you’re using Smooch to power delivery of those messages. This allows you to benefit from the power of Smooch to build innovative products and features. Here are how a few different types of software makers are using managed accounts today:

  • Help Desks can rapidly add support for a wide range of customer messaging channels.
  • Bot Platforms can instantly deploy bots across all messaging channels supported by Smooch.
  • Social Media Management Tools can move beyond publishing on feeds and expand to 1:1 conversations over messaging.
  • Call Center Software can securely add new channels at low cost to their offering
  • Form & Survey Builders can move traditional web forms into more engaging conversational forms delivered across a range of channels.
  • Live Chat Software can add new messaging channels to their management software, allowing an agent to have conversations with more customers.

Of course, this API is useful in many more scenarios and is limited only by your imagination. Read on to discover how to use the API in your software to manage apps and configure integrations.

Pricing and Availability

You can use the managed accounts APIs on any pricing plan, including the free plan. The number of managed accounts you can create on the free plan is capped, but you are provided you with enough capacity to build, prototype and test your product.

If you’re building software on Smooch and want to create an unlimited number of managed accounts, contact us to tell us about what you’re building and subscribe to our affordable premium tier.