Sending Images and Buttons (Shorthand)

Quick reference

Element Syntax Example
Link button %[]() %[Button label](
Reply button %[](reply:) %[Button label](reply:PAYLOAD)
Postback button %[](postback:) %[Button label ](postback:PAYLOAD)
Location request button %[](location) %[Button label](location)
Payment button $[]() $[Button label here](25.00)
Image ![]() ![](http://url-of.the/image.jpg)

Composing structured messages with inline syntax

A combination of text (optional), image, and button will be sent to end-users as a card.

For example:

Pre-wrapped cat
%[Purchase cat](

Will result in:

structured message

Sending a series of quick reply messages together:


Will be displayed in the Web Messenger as:

quick replies