Stripe Payments

Stripe is a developer-friendly platform that instantly enables businesses to accept and manage payments online and in mobile apps. Our Stripe integration allows you to request payment from your users directly within the conversation. Credit card informations are never seen by our servers, everything related to transactions is all handled by Stripe.

Transaction fees

Sunshine Conversations takes a 0.5% + 20¢ fee on every payment we facilitate. This is separate from the Stripe fees which are currently at 2.9% + 30¢. For example, on a $100 USD payment, Sunshine Conversations will receive $0.70 USD and Stripe $3.20 USD.

Configuring Stripe

From the Stripe integration page, select which Stripe mode you want Sunshine Conversations to be using.

Stripe integration page ui

Use Test mode during development. While in this mode you can use Stripe’s test credit card numbers to make transactions without using real money. Use Live mode to get real money 💸.

Then Click “Authenticate your Stripe account”. This will send you to a Stripe page where you can select which Stripe account to link Sunshine Conversations with.

Requesting payments

While inside a conversation with a user, you can send a buy button with the following syntax

$[Button label here](25.00)

This works from any channel you configured to use with Sunshine Conversations.

The amount you specify can be just a dollars amount or dollars and cents as in the example. Note that all amounts are in USD.

money request capture card payment completed

Once the user completes a payment, you’ll get a confirmation along with a link to the payment page on Stripe.

stripe hosted checkout


When configuring your Stripe integration, you can select a default currency that will be applied to any payment button created using the Sunshine Conversations shorthand syntax. When sending a buy button via the API, you can optionally specify a currency to use for that individual request. If no currency is supplied, the default currency will be used instead.

Saved Credit Cards

We will automatically save credit cards for users who are JWT protected.

On subsequent purchases, they will be presented a dialog allowing them to buy without having to re-enter their card.

saved card money request saved card ui