Dashboard FAQ

Where do I find my app ID & API Keys?

The “Settings” tab on the dashboard displays your app ID and allows you to create API keys to use with other applications that connect to your Sunshine Conversations app. You can generate “account-level” keys that grant permission to your entire account from the dropdown menu in the top right of the page. Simply click your account name and avatar and select “Account” from the dropdown.

Is it possible to close my account?

We don’t close accounts on Sunshine Conversations right now. Instead, simply disable your integrations from the overview page.

How do I invite a colleague to my Sunshine Conversations account?

You can add your teammates directly to the different business systems we support like Slack, HelpScout. Unfortunately, Sunshine Conversations doesn’t yet provide support for team members to manage the Sunshine Conversations configuration using their own account, you’ll all have to share the same accounts.

Does Sunshine Conversations provide analytics?

Most of the business systems we support (Front, HelpScout…) provide performance analytics within their platform. You may also find some of the analytics tools in our integrations directory useful.

Does Sunshine Conversations provide a specific interface to answer my customers?

At Sunshine Conversations, we believe that you should use the business system that you’re most comfortable with to manage communication with your customers. We make it easy for you to connect to a wide variety of business systems that you can use to engage with your customers.

  1. Be sure you can receive email at your current Google Account.
  2. Reset your password here
  3. Click the “Unlink Google Account” button in your account.

After these steps you will be able to change your email if needed.

How can I change the email of my account if I login via Google

Follow the instruction in How can I unlink my Google Account?