Other Channels FAQ

How do I connect LINE with Sunshine Conversations?

We’ve put together a guide on connecting LINE with Sunshine Conversations in our docs.

What does Sunshine Conversations call a messaging channel?

At Sunshine Conversations, we make the distinction between a messaging channel used by the end-users and a business system used by a business. As a business, your customers can reach out to you through various messaging channels like web or mobile messenger, Facebook Messenger or Line. We group all those end users facing channels under the name of messaging channel.

Is it possible for my end user to use many channels?

Yes, Sunshine Conversations offers a cross channel messaging platform and your end users or customers can reach out to you across any of the channels you have enabled and connected to Sunshine Conversations. Your users can even link their identity across various messaging accounts from our Web Messenger. When they do this, they’ll be able to keep all of their messaging apps in sync with the conversation they’re having with your business.

You can also connect a known Sunshine Conversations users to a messaging channel by using our API method “Link App Users to channelhttp://docs.smooch.io/rest/#link-app-user-to-channel

Why can’t I finish the WeChat integration?

The WeChat API for business only works with certified Subscription or Service accounts. We provide more information on our docs.