Configuring Messaging Channels

Each Sunshine Conversations app can be configured with a collection of messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, SMS and the Sunshine Conversations Web Messenger. In addition to configuring messaging channels using the Sunshine Conversations dashboard, Sunshine Conversations provides APIs to configure integrations programmatically. This is particularly useful when offering Sunshine Conversations’ messaging capabilities as a part of your own software product.

Configuring Third-Party Messaging Channels

For channels like WeChat, Viber, LINE, Telegram, Twilio and Facebook Messenger, the create integration endpoint allows your software to programmatically provision apps with messaging channels, as an alternative to configuring them manually using the Sunshine Conversations dashboard.

Configuring Sunshine Conversations SDKs

Adding Sunshine Conversations SDKs to an app differs from enabling other types of integrations.

In contrast with third-party channels like Facebook Messenger and Twilio SMS, the Web and Mobile SDKs only need to be passed a Sunshine Conversations app’s _id in order to be initialized. So no integration step is required.

Customizing Web Messenger

Although it is not necessary to create the Web Messenger integration before initializing, it is possible to call the create endpoint to customize it to match the needs of your clients. An update endpoint is also available to make changes to existing integrations.