is available in the following regions in order to meet your organization’s residency requirements.

  • 🇺🇸United States (default)
  • 🇪🇺European Union

All apps and API keys are associated with a single region. User data does not cross between regions.

European Union

The EU region is hosted in Ireland. Access is available upon request for enterprise plans only. The API is fully functional in the EU region however the EU region hosts a slimmed down version of the dashboard that exists primarily for provisioning API keys. The EU dashboard is subject to following limitations:

  • Self-signup is disabled
  • G suite login is disabled
  • The integration directory is disabled, integrations must be configured via the API
  • Webhooks must also be configured via the API

SDK Region Configuration

If no region is specified, all SDKs will target the US region by default. To configure any other region, a region identifier must be specified at init time.

API Region Configuration

Each region has it’s own API host which must be used when calling the API or when using any API libraries. See the API reference for more information.