With over 200 million active monthly users, Telegram is a free messaging app with a focus on speed and security. Thanks to its distributed infrastructure and encryption, Telegram is fast and secure. It can be used on multiple devices at the same time — messages are synced seamlessly across any number of phones, tablets or computers. Telegram allows businesses to send messages, photos, files of any type, as well as use other rich capabilities like quick replies, postbacks, compound messages and carousels.


Telegram supports a wide variety of capabilities as seen in the channel capabilities grid. Below is a detailed view of each capabilities.

Content Types

  • Text

    Full SupportAPI
  • Image

    Full SupportAPI
  • File

    Partial SupportAPI
  • Emoji

    Full SupportAPI
  • GIF

    Full SupportAPI
  • Location

    Full SupportAPI

Action Types

  • Link

    Full SupportAPI
  • Extension

    Partial SupportAPI
  • Buy

    Full SupportAPI
  • Postback

    Full SupportAPI
  • Reply

    Full SupportAPI
  • Location Request

    Full SupportAPI

Structured Messages

  • Compound Message

    Full SupportAPI
  • Carousel

    Full SupportAPI


  • Typing

    Full SupportAPI
  • Read

    Full SupportAPI
  • Conversation Start

    Full SupportAPI

Delivery Events

Delivery events allow you to track deliveries of Sunshine Conversations messages to Telegram by subscribing to the conversation:message:delivery:channel webhook. Failures to deliver a message to Telegram can be detected by subscribing to the conversation:message:delivery:failure webhook.

The Telegram message IDs associated with each Sunshine Conversations message are available in delivery event payloads in the externalMessages property.

Creating a Bot

To create a bot, follow the instructions here.

Create a bot with BotFather

After choosing the bot’s username, BotFather will generate an access token for the API, which Sunshine Conversations will need to integrate with Telegram.

Configuring Telegram

Telegram Integration Page Settings

Once you have created the bot, all you have to do is enter the bot’s access token on the integration page. Sunshine Conversations will now relay any message it receives to your business systems.

Conversations Through the Bot

To send a user to your bot, you can direct them to<your_bot_username>. Telegram users can also search for your bot by its username, which is obtained while creating a bot with BotFather. Once they have added your bot to their contacts, your bot will act as any other Telegram user. Any user will be able to send normal text messages to your bot or any of the supported file formats (documents, images, sound). If the user sends a file, the message will contain a link to the file that was sent.

When you reply from any of the configured backend channels, Telegram users will receive the message as though it was coming from the bot.

Action Buttons

When used with Telegram, message actions work as expected. A button with type link will bring the user to a web page, while postback buttons will trigger any Sunshine Conversations webhook listening to the postback trigger.

Payment requests with the Stripe integration will turn into link buttons which bring the user to a checkout page where payment information can be entered.