Office Hours

Office Hours is an add-on built by Smooch which lets you send an automatic reply to customers who message your team outside of your preferred work hours.

This integration works with all messaging channel integrations.

Adding Office Hours to your messaging channels

To enable the Office Hours add-on, you will need to select your preferred time zone, add your office hours, and write your away message.

By default, the Smooch dashboard is going to try to guess your current time zone. This time zone is going to be used for your users’ messages and your office hours in order to dispatch the message at the right moment.

You will need to also provide the work hours during which you will be available to reply. You can set different time ranges on different days or set it to all day by selecting the 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM range.

The away message will only be dispatched when the user messages you outside of your work hours. This will give you the opportunity to tell your customer to come back later or message you through another channel.

Office Hours in Javascript

The Office Hours add-on can also be set to reply to specific messaging channels if needed. If you select iOS and not Web for example, a user sending a message from an iOS device will prompt the away message, but a user on Web will not.