Twitter DM

Our Twitter DM integration allows you to send & receive direct messages on Twitter using your own account. You will receive these messages in a business system or with webhooks.


Due to account limits put in place by Twitter during their beta period, we’re restricting access to the channel to companies building software on the Smooch API. If this describes your business, please contact Twitter mentioning you’re a Smooch customer to get priority access.

Alternately, if you already have a whitelisted Twitter app for the Activity API, you can already connect it via our Integration API and start building Twitter DM features inside your software.

You can create a Twitter app here and request access to the Twitter DM API here.

Direct Messages

In order for a business to receive direct messages from anyone (including accounts it does not follow), the option must be enabled in Twitter’s settings. Go to Twitter’s privacy and safety settings and check “Receive Direct Messages from anyone”. Be sure to save your changes!

Twitter DM

Structured Messages

The Twitter DM integration supports sending and receiving images, GIFs & emojis. A business can also send quick replies, location request and carousel messages. Refer to the channel capabilities grid to see all the Twitter DM integration capabilities.

You can easily send links to your users to direct them to a private conversation from a public Tweet.

Sending{your account’s numeric user ID} will render in twitter a “Send a private message” button like this:

send private message

You can find your User ID here:

twitter userid

These links also works anywhere on the web. Read more details about the “Send a private message” link here.