Sunshine Conversations makes it easy to add conversational capabilities to your product or business. In these docs you’ll find everything you need to use the platform.

What is the Sunshine Conversations Cloud?

The Sunshine Conversations Cloud is a software platform that enables businesses to communicate with their customers across every popular messaging app.

Developers can use the Sunshine Conversations Cloud to add messaging and conversational capabilities to their software. Sunshine Conversations’ rich APIs allow for conversation management, rich messaging, user metadata collection, account management and more.

Businesses can use the Sunshine Conversations Cloud to connect their favourite business systems, bots and other tools to their customers over messaging. By using Sunshine Conversations’ comprehensive set of integrations, a business can connect its helpdesk to a variety of messaging channels, automate conversations using bots and capture leads using a CRM - without writing a line of code.

What can you do with Sunshine Conversations?

If you’re building software, you can use the API to add conversational features to your product and enhance its feature set:

  • Helpdesk software can go beyond traditional e-mail ticket management and instantly add support for all popular messaging channels
  • Live chat software can offer businesses the ability to converse with their customers using their preferred channel.
  • Social Media Management software can provide 1:1 messaging capabilities that help social media teams care for their customers
  • Bot platforms can focus on building smart conversational logic and AI without having to worry about managing messaging, conversation and user identity functionality

If you’re a business, you can use Sunshine Conversations built-in integrations to chat with customers from your existing tools:

  • Engage customers in conversation across a variety of messaging channels and manage these contacts through your favourite business system
  • Keep multiple stakeholders in the loop by ensuring that messages sent from a customer to your business are mirrored across the different tools in use in your business.
  • Add bots to your customer success arsenal in order to automate common tasks - while keeping a human in the loop in the conversation to supervise the bot’s communication.

Which messaging channels are supported?

Sunshine Conversations is committed to supporting the most messaging channels on the market with the richest set of functionality. Today, you can use Sunshine Conversations to converse on:

The Sunshine Conversations Cloud allows you to take full advantage of the range of structured and rich message types these channels have to offer, all through one consistent and easy-to-use API. When new features are released by the channels, Sunshine Conversations stays up to date and helps you take advantage of the new functionality with little or no changes to your existing code.

Getting Started with

We’ve built a quickstart guide to help you get started with Sunshine Conversations. The API Quickstart shows you how to add conversations to your app in minutes.

Need further help?

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