Quick reference

Link button%[]()%[Button label](
Reply button%[](reply:)%[Button label](reply:PAYLOAD)
Postback button%[](postback:)%[Button label ](postback:PAYLOAD)
Location request button%[](location)%[Button label](location)
Payment button$[]()$[Button label here](25.00)
Template message%((template:))% or %{{template:}}%%((template:TEMPLATE_NAME))%
WhatsApp Message Template&[text_fallback](namespace, name, param1, param2, …)&[Hi Bob, I’m Joe](namespace, name, Bob, Joe)

Composing structured messages with inline syntax

A combination of text (optional), image, and button will be sent to end-users as a card.

For example:

Pre-wrapped cat
%[Purchase cat](

Will result in:

structured message

Sending a series of quick reply messages together:


Will be displayed in the Web Messenger as:

quick replies

Sending template message with inline syntax

The template message with the name provided in the shorthand will be sent after leading text.

For example:


Will send the template titled “cat-purchase” to the user.

How would you like to buy a cat? %((template:cat-purchase))%

Will first send: “How would you like to buy a cat?”, then it will send the template titled “cat-purchase” to the user.

For more information on creation and management of templates, see our guide.