Postman Collection


Get the Collection

There are two ways you can use the Sunshine Conversations Postman Collection

  1. View the Postman collection.
  2. Import the collection into your Postman app.

Setup Environment Variables

To use this collection, you will need to have a account, and have at least one app setup. You will need the following values to run most of the API calls in the collection: appId, appUserId, keyId, secret and messageId.

  1. appId: The ID of the app with which you want to test the API. The appId can be found on the App Settings page.

  2. apiVersion: The API version to use. See API versioning to learn more.

  3. appUserId: The user to whom you want to send the test messages. You can get a userId in a few different ways.

    • Send a test message to that app using the web SDK. This message will then appear in the logs on App Logs page, with an appUserId. If you use this method, you will be setup and able to view the messages sent from the Postman collection.
    • Pre-create the user with an API call. pre-create app user is available in the Postman collection. You can then use the chosen userId as the appUserId to test your API calls.
  4. keyId: You will need an API key ID to authenticate your calls. See our guide docs for more information.

  5. secret: You will need an API key secret to authenticate your calls. See our guide docs for more information.

Note: messageId is only needed for the DELETE Message API call

1. Set environment to Smooch Public Env .Postman Environment Menu
2. Open SettingsPostman Environment Settings Button
3. Add your values herePostman Environment Variables