Sunshine Conversations Connect

Sunshine Conversations has a rapidly growing partner ecosystem that helps businesses connect a variety of different business apps to messaging. You can join this ecosystem by implementing Sunshine Conversations Connect into your product. When you do, your customers will be able to click a button that looks like this:

Add to Sunshine Conversations

Clicking this button allows your customers to connect your app to their configured messaging channels and is a great way to grow your user base and provide additional messaging capabilities to your customers. You can learn more about becoming a Sunshine Conversations partner here.

Sample App

In order to make implementing Sunshine Conversations Connect in your app easy, we’ve built a simple sample app called Shoplifter. Shoplifter demonstrated a working Sunshine Conversations Connect implementation. You can try it out on the Shoplifter demo site.

Once you’ve run through the demo, take a look at the Shoplifter source code to see how it works under the hood.

Next Steps